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Tamás Nepusz

Department of Biological Physics, Eötvös University

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1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Tutorial
4. About igraph graphs, the basic interface
5. Error Handling
6. Memory (de)allocation
7. Data structure library: vector, matrix, other data types
8. Random numbers
9. Graph Generators
10. Games on Graphs
11. Vertex and Edge Selectors and Sequences, Iterators
12. Graph, Vertex and Edge Attributes
13. Structural Properties of Graphs
14. Graph visitors
15. Cliques and Independent Vertex Sets
16. Graph Isomorphism
17. Graph Motifs, Dyad Census and Triad Census
18. Generating Layouts for Graph Drawing
19. Reading and Writing Graphs from and to Files
20. Maximum Flows, Minimum Cuts and related measures
21. Vertex separators
22. Detecting Community Structure
23. Hierarchical random graphs
24. Spectral Coarse Graining
25. Graph Operators
26. Using BLAS, LAPACK and ARPACK for igraph matrices and graphs
27. Bipartite, i.e. two-mode graphs
28. Advanced igraph programming
29. Not Graph Related Functions
30. Licenses for igraph and this manual